How to make the most out of your Linen shirt

A Buba & La guide to tropical living’ve got the shirt of your dreams (if not, please go to - )


Now what do you do? It might look like you need to be in Mykonos, Byron Bay or even Bora Bora to really make use of it. However, you are mistaken.


The Linen shirt is the quintessential shirt for Summer days and steamy nights. Its light, soft and is extra crisp white. Firstly – you’re going to want to wear it, and wear it hard. Take it on the boat, to the bar… even jump in the ocean with it. Our linen is like a fine wine, it gets better with age.


Secondly – to maintain it, you’re only going to give is a cold wash in the washing machine. Nothing special. Hang to dry (pro tip – hang it up using a hanger)


Thirdly – repeat step one.


Enjoy your shirt while keeping your cool when your friends pester you about your new shirt.

We weren’t kidding about people asking about the shirt … be warned.


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