Linen+Cotton shirts for Summer

Whether you are cruising the Caribbean to your next private beach, or you’ve already found your dream resort on a tropical island, you want to be wearing your Summer best. We have found that when you are wearing the right shirt or swim shorts, you already feel like you are at your destination. From the moment you get on that plane or that boat, you feel as though that island breeze of the tropics is around you. Resort wear has come a long way from the days of ill-fitting and oversized shirts, to an era of classic style and a variety of new fabrics.


A variety of linen based shirts have been developed to accommodate the steamy days and cool breezes of the Caribbean and beyond. The good folks at Buba & La, an Australian based brother and sister pair has pioneered a Cotton+Linen blended shirt for these exact situations. These blended shirts come in two classic colours for lovers of tropical destinations – light blue and navy. Pairing these classics back with a pair of chinos or swim shorts makes for an easy transition from the beach to the bar. 


For lovers of classic swim shorts, Buba & La offer 3 differing styles to compliment any island traveller. The key to the perfect swim short is the ability to dry quickly, as well as easy wear for a day filled with island activities. With Italian polyester at the core of each swim short, they not only dry quickly but ensure you look your best at the beach bar afterwards. They have branded themselves with a Pineapple logo. This speaks to the essence of tropical living and hospitality. Buba & La have brought a new look to a traditionally unexciting market. But Don't overlook the details - Coconut shell buttons, nautical cotton rope and super quick dry fabrics bring together all that’s good about Summer.

The range of colours and fabrics mean that you would not look out of place in the Bahamas, Bora Bora or Bali. 


Take Summer with you wherever you go with one of Buba & La’s timeless pieces.

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